Icelandic geothermal swimming pools are a must visit..

The Blue Lagoon is a must visit and I love it..


But if you are traveling on a budget or you want to connect more with the locals, then visiting the places the locals got to is your answer.

While visiting Iceland I believe that there is a must to visit native geothermal swimming pools, they are located all over Reykjavik but I do have a few favorite once that I do recommend.

One thing you have to know hygiene is important for us in our swimming pools so every visitor is required to strip down and shower without a swim suit on before getting into the pools. But of course that should not be anything that you should be terrified about everyone does it and it is no problem, it makes sure that our pools are clean and nice to swim and play in.

First of all if you are traveling with kids the perfect swimming pool is Lágafellslaug located in Lækjarhlíð, Mosfellsbær, it is about a 15 minutes drive from down town Reykjavik, but if you have a rental car it is no problem. There are water slides, big warm outdoor pool, indoors pool, saunas, hot tubs with the temperature is 38°, 40° and 42°C, a lounge pool or a kiddie pool.


Vesturbæjarlaug is located at Hofsvallagata 107, 107 Reykjavík. It is the perfect spot if you want to relax or have a good talk to the locals. It has a very nice choice of several of hot tubs, a cold tub to hot 25 meter geothermal pool. You are also able to choose between steam bath and sauna.


Laugardalslaug is a place you can not forget it is an Olympic-sized swimming pool located in Sundlaugarvegur 30 in Reykjavik. When I was a child I . It went there every Saturday with my grandfather and I loved it. It is Iceland's most popular and largest swimming pool. There are several hot tubs with the temperature is 38°, 40° and 42°C. There are slides for the kids and they are fabulous.


These are my absolute favorite swimming pools in the Reykjavik area and I do recommend that if you are traveling in Iceland trying our native geothermal swimming pools is a must.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask by mail or in the comments below.

Ásta Björk

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