What to pack for Iceland?

Have you ever had a dream of traveling to Iceland?

Ever wondered how to pack your bags?

Well here in Iceland we have the expression If you don’t like the weather wait 5 minutes and it will change. So it is better to be prepared with clothes for all kind of weather.

But packing depends a little bit on witch season you are traveling in, how the trip is that you are planing and if you are staying at Hotels or Hostels or if you are in RV’s or camping.

This time because winter is arriving soon I will be talking about what you need for a
winter trip.

Base layers are the crucial part.

If you really want to see Iceland in all it’s glory then merino wool base layer's are a must both pants and a long sleeve top, if you are staying more than a weekend I would take two tops. Even though it is possible to wash your laundry in most Hostels. My absolute favorite are from Icewear, Cintamani and 66north but I have both, they are Icelandic design companies and most of my outdoor wear is from there.
Socks, a few pair of regular socks like always but… Warm socks are so important, my mom always says that if your feet are cold then you will freeze. Merino wool socks are perfect and of course I recommend Icelandic wool socks, they keep you so warm and cozy.

Mid layers

Sweater’s are next and I recommend knitted “Icelandic lopapeysa”, good hoodie, polartec fleece or power stretch, it is important to have at least two or three.

Jeans are okay to have with you, one pair is enough, then the best pants are some good hiking pants with great stretchability, breathability, good wind resistance and are water repellent and easy care.

Fleece pants are also a great option, they are warm and cozy.


Primaloft or down jacket are perfect as a light choice for you, when the weather is good or to use under a rain\Gore-tex\Neoshell jacket but that is preference number two.

Parka, hooded insulated long jacket is the so necessary to keep you warm, dry and cozy. The best thing is if it is water resistant.

Snow pants, insulated or a overall are excellent but a great choice in stead are water and windproof 3 layer Polartec Neoshell pants, but these you can use over your fleece pants or just over your Merino wool base layer pants.

Other things

Accessories are next on the agenda. Beanies from wool or fleece are the best choice if you ask me. Scarf or a face buff if you are planing to hike, and of course gloves. My perfect choice of gloves would be wool and another one that is more waterproof.

Hikers and others I do recommend hand and foot warmers to put inside your gloves and inside your socks or in pockets. The give unbelievable warm.

My choise of shoes are Timberland or Sorel’s. I normally choose my Timberland because I use them eaqally in Reykjavik and when I go hiking.

Sunglasses, sunscreen and lip balm. These items are a must if you ask me.

A must to bring or I think so

Other tings I do recommend are Tripod, Go pro, camera and a drone if you have a any of these things take them with you because Iceland is a dream place for anyone that loves taking pictures.

This is my list and of course the obvious underwear, swimwear, some nicer clothes if you are going out to dinner and so on.

Hope this list helped some of you who are planing a trip to my beautiful Iceland. If you need any information do not hesitate to write and I will try my best to give you answers.

Have a lovely day or like we say in Icelandic.. Eigðu góðan dag..!

Regards from Iceland

Ásta Björk